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We deliver quality mastering for dance music.

We charge 15 Euro per track.

Analog mastering at Artone Studio on request, contact info@recordindustry.com

For vinyl mastering & cutting, contact info@recordindustry.com

All music on Fatal Music Records is done in house, You can check it out on all download shops and streaming services.

Please send a track for reference  with your order, or  just use our no cure no pay delivery.

We deliver within 48 hours.

Pricing for mixing and stem mastering on request.


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It happens a lot that you find some things in your mix  after mastering, We understand this, so we will do a second mastering session for free.

Feel free to ask any question, contact dennis@fatalmusicgroup.com


DEnnis bune

  • In 1991 I got my first record deal and a job as an engineer in a sound studio.

During that time we did releases like “Keep On Pumping” by Tyone Girls as well as releases under the name Digital Cartel (Outland Records). In 1993 I  signed at Outland records and started to work under the artist name Jaimy.


As co-owner of Outland studio and founding father of the Soulflow records label, I produced many releases. Releases like: “On The Disco Train”, “Brazil 2000” and “Waitress of An Open Mind” all by Dimitri & Jaimy, “Gotta Let You Go” by Dominica, “Melody Off Bells” by Jaimy&Con-Am, “Dance 2 The Music” by Men With Rhythm, “Shake It” by Desire and I did remixes on Kellee, Sabrina Johnson, Two Men Will Move You and Lakiesha Berri, to name a few.


In 1999 I started a new studio, together with Kenny D. We released our music on Blackhole’s Wildlife Label and together with them I started the Fatal Tracks label.

We released  “Keep On Touching Me” by Jaimy&Kenny D., this track also got remixed and released by Erick Morrilo. Other releases were: “Caught Me Running” by Jaimy&Kenny D. (remixed by Tiësto) and “Like A Bitch” by Jaimy&Kenny D. (this was the opening track on Sasha&Digweed’s “Communicate”). We also did remixes for: Tiësto, Way Out West and labels like Hooij Tunes, React and Warner Music.


By then my dj career also started to pick up. I was playing at the Wildlife parties as well as local clubs. At that point the famous  ID&T offered us a good deal and we teamed up with them. It was a hard decision, as we had a good thing going on with Blackhole. Unfortunately the adventure with ID&T was not as we expected it to be. That period made me realize that it was time for me to go on my own … I was tired of dealing with record companies.


This meant the birth of Fatal Music Records. My first releases got picked up by Danny Tenaglia. He showed me the way and I got to play in some of the best clubs in the world: Pacha in New York, Stereo in Montreal and Kadoc in the Algarve. That was an awesome time. And from that moment Fatal Music is home base. I have done some releases and remixes on labels like: Nervous, Stereo Productions, Mile End and Remixes for Danny Tenaglia, Miss Honey Dijon and     Anane , which was great fun. But you know what? I always return to home base! 


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