Welcome to Fatal Mastering

Welcome to Fatal Mastering

In 2009, I set up Fatal Mastering to cater to independents in the dance music industry. You might have heard some of my production work. Most known are my releases under my alias Jaimy, collaboration projects Jaimy & Kenny D, Dimitri & Jaimy and my remixes for Dominica, 2 Men Will Move You, Tiesto, Danny Tenaglia, Anane and Oscar G.

For over 20 years, I am a professional producer of what we all just called 'House Music' in the early 90's.
I started my own label, Fatal Music, in 2004, and decided to master the records myself. Not just because it was a big time and money saver, but also because I was often disappointed by the results from other mastering studios.

When performing as a dj at various small and big international clubs like Rise (Boston), Pacha (NYC), Stereo (Montreal) and Kadoc (Portugal), I often received feedback on how good the records sounded. At that point, I felt confident enough to start offering my mastering services to others. I am happy I made that decision, because it has been a great pleasure working with different clients on a great variety of productions.
My approach is to have one-on-one communication with you, the client. I invest a lot of time in getting clear what sound you are looking for and how we can achieve that together.
If you are reading this now and are curious about what I can do for your track, please do get in touch. Our pricing is transparent and you only pay if you are happy with what you hear.

I look forward working with you!


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Your sound and the importance of a good mixdown

Written by Jaimy
Friday, 29 August 2014 00:00

It is very important to make sure your mixdown is properly done before it is mastered. Why? Because your sound will not be determined during the mastering process. You, the producer, determine the sound of your track and you should have a clear idea on how to achieve that in your mix. How much reverb do you want on your vocals? How compressed should the snares or the kick be? Do you want to have a dreamy sound or should it be dry? These are the decisions you need to make during the mixing process.


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Pre-mastering mixing tips

Written by Jaimy
Monday, 16 September 2013 00:00

In this post I like to share some tips that I give my clients regularly. These are some basics I also use myself during mixing. If done properly, they can really help in getting a better mastering result. 1. Test the balance of your mix by adding a limiter A very effective way to find out if you need to adjust something in your mix before you send it out for mastering, is to put a limiter on it. By doing this you will hear which sounds stand out the most. If these sounds are not intended to be so dominant, you now know that you need to tone them down in your mix. Don't forget to take the limiter off your mix before you create your mixdown! While this is a very simple tool to use during the mixing…


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