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Welcome to Fatal Mastering

Fatal Mastering offers affordable, digital mastering that is of high quality and delivered with great service. 

We set up this service in 2009 to cater to independents in the dance music industry. Our engineer, Dutch dj/producer Jaimy, has been a dance music industry professional since the early 90s. Playing bass, keys and percussion at the age of 12 and later learning the craft of audio production in an analog studio, has given him valuable knowledge that he still uses today when producing dance music on a digital system. Find out more about us here


Delivery Time Increases And Client Discount

Written by Iris
Saturday, 03 August 2013 08:47

Since Fatal Mastering's start in 2009, our client base is steadily growing. We are, of course, very happy with this and look very much forward to the future. A big THANK YOU to all our clients. You have been very loyal to us and in many cases have spread a good word for us leading to new connections. A consequence of this success is that our studio schedule is getting tight and therefore we can no longer guarantee the 24 hour delivery time. So as of today we extend our delivery time to 48 hours.


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Wickie Media: Sound Engineering And Production Tutorials

Written by Iris
Friday, 02 August 2013 00:00

We stumbled on this Youtube channel by Wickie Media that we really want to share with you. It is a really fun and educational channel featuring tutorials about sound and audio engineering. A great source for aspiring music producers and engineers. What exactly are fundamental frequencies? How do compressors work? What are harmonics? and many more questions like these get covered in an easy and entertaining way.


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